My name is James Harrison and I consider myself an Artist. Growing up in a military family I found myself constantly on the move. We were always moving to new towns, adjusting to new schools, and I was always trying to find out where I belonged. I believe that growing up in this environment is the reason I am so connected to art.

Everywhere I went there was always very unique artwork in each city and it really intrigued me. I finally moved to Atlanta in middle school and this is where my artistic interest  really took off. I would always go to local art events and you could always find me somewhere drawing in my notebook. I entered a graphic design class in my freshman year of high school and it changed my life. I found myself designing our science Olympiad T-shirts or making posters for events at the school. I loved how it felt when I saw my artwork on display.

When I graduated high school my passion for art turned into my career. I moved to Nashville to continue my passion for graphic design by attending Nossi School of Art. Although my initial passion was for graphic design I became more and more interested in mural work The more I saw it on the streets and on buildings the more I wanted to get involved. I took my passion for graphic design and mural design and combined them both into one.  I now find myself using my skills to have fun while making my clients happy.